Peterloo (12A)

Friday 9 November - Thursday 22 November


The event has already taken place. You can enjoy this archived content, but you can no longer book tickets.

Peterloo (12A)

UK/2018/154mins/12a Dir: Mike Leigh With: Maxine Peake, Rory Kinnear

In 1819, a crowd of almost 100,000 people from Manchester and surrounding towns gathered in St Peter’s Fields to demand Parliamentary reform and an extension of voting rights. The meeting had been peaceful but in the attempt to arrest a leader of the meeting the armed government militias panicked and charged upon the crowd. The government called it a victory, but the outcry from the massacre sowed the seeds of reform. Taking a broad canvas of characters of politicians, factory workers and soldiers master director Mike Leigh brings humanity and beauty to this story of people whose lives had been utterly transformed by the recent technology.  




"A biting sense of topicality pervades this passionate account of the murder of protesters at a mass pro-democracy protest… There is force, grit and, above all, a sense of purpose; a sense that the story he has to tell is important and real, and that it needs to be heard right now. "
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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