Pili (12A)

Friday 23 November - Sunday 25 November


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Pili (12A)

UK/2017/83mins/TBC Dir: Leanne Welham With: Bello Rashid, Sekujua Rashid, Mwanaidi Omari Sefi, Sesilia Florian Kilimila, Siwazurio Mchuka, N'kwabi Elias Ng'andgasamala

Pili lives in rural Tanzania, working in the fields for less than $1 a day to feed her two children and struggling to manage her HIV-positive status in secret. When she is offered the chance to rent a sought-after market-stall, Pili is desperate to have it. But with only two days to get the deposit together, Pili is forced to make increasingly difficult decisions with ever-deepening consequences. How much will she risk to change her life? This film is a unique collaboration between the film-makers and women in the film. The story is based on their stories, the cast features only one trained actor, 70% of the cast are HIV+, and all locations such as the AIDS clinics are real, the distributors of the film are donating the profits back to the community.  




Pili Trailer from Caroline Stern on Vimeo.

"Pili is a story that needs to be told… Together with the cinematography and music, that both take us straight to rural Tanzania, Leanne Welham really transfers her message to the big screen and to the audience. "
Liselotte Vanophem, OC Reviews

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