Polar Bear: Dark Corners

Monday 8 May

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Polar Bear: Dark Corners

A Battersea Arts Centre and Theatr Iolo Co-production


I'm messy. Always have been.

Scattered ideas. Scribbled thoughts.

My ideas aren't neat.

My ideas laugh and argue.

They shout and fight.

And sometimes they hide.What happens when the past and the future collide? A new storytelling performance for young people from Polarbear about the places in your brain where things hide and what happens when they come out to play.Polarbear, AKA Steve Camden, is one of the UK's most acclaimed spoken-word artists and is author of young adult novels Tape and It's About Love.

Written and performed by Polarbear. Dramaturgy by Yael Shavit. Designed by Bethany Wells. 

Tickets: £10/£6 

Aimed at 11-18 year olds 

Duration: approx 1 hour 


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