Priodferch Utah

Wednesday 29 January - Saturday 1 February


The event has already taken place. You can enjoy this archived content, but you can no longer book tickets.

Priodferch Utah

Please note: this is a Welsh language production.

‘Bob nos dw i’n breuddwydio fy mod i’n rhedeg, dw i’n rhedeg am fy mod i ar goll.’

Alice is 16. Alice lives in a little village where nothing ever happens. Her mother Rebecca had her when she was 45. A surprise? A gift? Perhaps an embarrassment?

One day a Mormon Missionary knocks on their door and Alice invites him in. She defies her Welsh Methodist upbringing and runs away to live the American dream and marry her Mormon. Four years later she arrives home in the dead of night to the wrath of her Welsh matriarchal mother. A night vigil ensues where revelations, confessions and healing takes place between a mother and daughter divided by religion, men and anger. 

Often the worse war is the one at home, fought between knife and fork, table and chair. This play explores ‘Where is home?’, ‘The meaning of family’ and ‘Is the grass greener on the other side?’

The first full length play for 1.618, ‘Priodferch Utah’ was first presented in 2011 and toured in 2012.

  • By: Carmen Medway-Stephens
  • Starring: Sharon Morgan and Gwawr Loader
  • Director: Wyndham Price
  • Translated by Sharon Morgan


‘Priodferch Utah’ is supported by Arts Council Wales & Sherman Cymru Literary Dept.

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