Riddles of the Sphinx (U)

Thursday 26 July


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Riddles of the Sphinx (U)

UK/1977/92mins/U Dir: Laura Mulvey, Peter Wollen With: Dinah Stabb, Merdelle Jordine

Neon acrobats. Gertrude Stein. Union politics and the question of childcare. Legendary feminist art and electronic music. The first on-screen mixed-race lesbian relationship. A brilliant lecture by Laura Mulvey. 

Riddles of the Sphinx is the film that has, and gives, everything. A riddle wrapped in an enigma embraced by layers of dreamy images, ideas and sound, Riddles is a love letter about being a mother and a daughter, and remains one of the most revolutionary representations of how women think, feel, act and desire ever to hit the screen. 

Tap and Touch Cinema (Tapp und Tastkino) 

Austria/1968/2mins Dir: VALIE EXPORT  

Born of the ‘68 revolt against modern consumer and technical society, VALIE EXPORT’s notion of ‘expanded cinema’ is performed as a feminist killjoy who challenges the public to engage with real women instead of images on screen. 


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