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Dates: Friday 28 December - Sunday 30 June

#SaveOurSculpture - Garth Evans


We’ve reached our target!

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported our Save Our Sculpture crowdfunding campaign and helped us to make the rescue, restoration and relocation of Garth Evans’ sculpture a reality.Thanks to 152 contributors we raised £16,615!

We can now confirm that we will be collecting the sculpture from Leicestershire in February and taking it on its onward journey to the specialist restoration studio where it can be returned to its former glory.

The extra funds that you so generously raised will mean that we will be able to extend the reach of the project through further marketing and events. We want as many people as possible to see this incredible work whilst it’s in situ in our capital city for six months! Thanks to Art Happens we will be able to keep you updated on all of the progress so please stay tuned.

For those of you who chose a reward, these will go into production soon and we will keep you posted about when you’ll be receiving them.

Thank you so much for your generosity. Together we made art happen!

Diolch yn fawr!


About the project

In 1972, influential British artist Garth Evans created a large-scale sculpture that was sited in Cardiff City Centre for six months as part of the Peter Stuyvesant City Sculpture project, which saw 17 new works placed at the heart of eight cities across England and Wales. The project was a significant chapter in the history of public art and urban space, using locations hitherto unexplored in a creative context.

Garth chose Cardiff as the location for his work as he had very strong family connections with Wales and his Welsh grandfather’s tales of his time as a miner were hugely influential in the sculpture’s form – evoking both a hammer-like tool and the image of a mine tunnel that was as black as coal.

“I wanted to make something that would impact its location, altering and affecting the space and by its presence, create a new sense of place.” - Garth Evans

The sculpture was one of the first publicly-sited works to be installed in Wales and the morning after its installation, Garth anonymously recorded the comments of passers-by, giving a unique insight in to viewer’s reactions.

After the project, the sculpture was relocated to Leicestershire where it has remained neglected and unseen from the public ever since. The years have definitely taken their toll on this important work and its condition is now rapidly deteriorating.

Public donations that we have received will help us to save the sculpture by carrying out the specialist restoration that is so desperately needed to prevent any further and potentially irreversible damage. Once repaired, we will then be able to return the work to its original location in Wales almost fifty years after it was first seen.

Once in place, a new set of recordings will be gathered anonymously by the artist. We’ll be able to find out what a whole new generation of people thinks about it and how attitudes towards art in the public realm might have changed.

This project is not only about restoring and relocating an historically significant work of art, it’s also about the power that art has to transform our civic spaces and influence the opinions of future generations.

The return of the sculpture to Cardiff also forms part of a wider celebration of Garth’s work and following it will be an exhibition at Chapter (the first solo exhibition of his work in Wales since 1976); The Cardiff Tapes, a theatre production based on the original recordings made in Cardiff; a new recording and subsequent publication featuring a transcript of comments made by the general public in response to the sculpture in 2019.


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Save Our Scuplture has been funded though Art Happens, Art Fund's crowd-funding platform.

"I wanted to make something that would impact its location, altering and affecting the space and by its presence, create a new sense of place."
Garth Evans

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