Venue: Gallery
Dates: Friday 9 May - Sunday 18 May


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Stephen Sutcliffe - Shout Out (With El Hombre Trajeado)


Initially produced for Evil Eye is Source for the Shadazz record label, Shout Out is shot in a US bowling alley with El Hombre Trajeado's soundtrack reversed and played over the alley's internal sound system and noisy crowd enthusiasm. Sutcliffe has reversed the video and the result is a remarkably simple and spellbinding work, where bowlers move balletically and yet erratically against a back-drop of spinning, colourful lights, evoking dream-like sequences of choreographed contemporary dance.


Stephen Sutcliffe was born in 1968 and lives and works in Glasgow, UK. Recent solo exhibitions include 'Tart Contemporary', San Francisco, US (2005) and 'Project Space', Tramway, Glasgow, UK (2003) and he has exhibited in group exhibitions that include 'Pass the Time of Day', Gasworks, London, UK and tour (2004); 'Zenomap', Venice Biennale, Italy (2003) and 'Electric Earth: Film and Video from Britain' (organised by the British Council), State Russian Museum, St Petersburg, Russia and tour (2003).

Film courtesy the artist and LUX,

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