Tales of the Unexpected (12A)

Tuesday 6 September - Tuesday 20 September


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Tales of the Unexpected (12A)


A selection of episodes from the classic macabre British television series, often told with sinister and wryly comedic undertones based on the short stories by Roald Dahl. Starring some of the greatest acting talent of the time, including Joseph Cotton, Ron Moody, Joan Collins, Brian Blessed, Julie Harris, Sir John Gielgud, Susan George and Michael Gambon.


Following the results of our Audience Choice poll, the following episodes will be screened:

Tue 6 Sept

Royal Jelly

UK/1980/25mins/no cert. Dir: Herbert Wise With: Susan George, Timothy West, Andrew Ray

A Bee-keeper becomes concerned when his wife tells him that their baby daughter is ill and losing weight. To help the baby gain strength, he begins feeding her Royal Jelly.

The Landlady

UK/1979/25mins/no cert. Dir: Herbert Wise With: Siobhán McKenna, Leonard Preston

Billy Weaver, a young man from London, arrives at a guesthouse. He is greeted by the Landlady, but his curiosity is aroused when he reads the Guest Book. He sees the names of young men whom, he remembers, had gone missing. The Landlady tells him that she is a taxidermist.

Georgy Porgy

UK/1980/25mins/no cert. Dir: Graham Evans With: Joan Collins, John Alderton, Margaretta Scott, Ann Beach

A Vicar with an overactive imagination sees naked women as he delivers his sermons. One day, he finds that women are suddenly attracted to him and a beautiful woman offers herself to his desires.

Tue 20 Sept

Lamb to the Slaughter

UK/1979/25mins/no cert. Dir: John Davies With: Brian Blessed, Susan Goerge, Michael Byrne

Mary Marney, a devoted housewife, finds her husband dead. The police conclude that Patrick was killed with a large blunt object, but are baffled when the murder weapon cannot be found. As they were all friends of Patrick, Mary begs them to stay and eat the lamb which has been roasting, while they discuss the case.

Mrs Bixby and the Colonel’s Coat

UK/1979/25mins/no cert. Dir: Simon Langton With: Michael Hordern, Julie Harris, Sandra Payne

Mrs Bixby is having an affair behind her husband's back. Her lover gives her a mink coat and she devises a devious plan to explain its presence to her husband.

A Dip in the Pool

UK/1979/25mins/no cert. Dir: Michael Touchner With: Jack Weston, Gladys Spencer

William Botibol, a man on a cruise ship, takes part in a bet to predict how far the ship will travel in 24 hours. He calculates that he will win if the ship is delayed a little – if, for instance, it has to turn back to collect a man overboard. In order to win by cheating, he waits until he and a woman are alone on the deck and then he pretends to fall overboard. Unfortunately for him, the woman is not what he thinks she is.

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