Venue: Art in the Bar
Dates: Friday 11 January - Sunday 10 March


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Thomas Goddard - From Ape to Adam to Apocalypse

Art in the Bar

Thomas Goddard’s diverse practice explores the relationship between the individual and society and the impact that media misinformation has had on contemporary culture. His recent works have included customised football wall charts, an odyssey across Wales and an archive to the existence of a lake monster, as well as film, drawing, painting and animation.

From Ape to Adam to Apocalypse began in 2009 when Goddard started to research and collect newspaper cuttings from each year between 1898 and 1999. Employing the principles of the golden section - used by artists and architects since the Renaissance to give the correct proportions to their work, and widely thought to provide the most aesthetically pleasing image – the series consists of 101, A4 ink drawings. The black ink on white paper is vital in referencing not only newspaper print but also in emphasising the contrast between fact and fiction, knowledge and ignorance – testing our memories; questioning what we believe to be true.

In this monochrome world Goddard pays homage to Wikipedia creating constellations of images with each year; becoming time traveller as he passes through the invention of Prozac and the Kennedy assassination to the first Simpsons cartoon via a battle with Godzilla. Suggesting that the 20th Century has included our worst nightmares and greatest dreams.

From Ape to Adam to Apocalypse can also be seen as an allegory for the artistic process itself: the artist being free to depict the things they see, feel and are affected by; the artist as decision maker, editor, curator.


Thomas Goddard was born in Cardiff in 1980 and now lives and works in Swansea.

He was recently selected for ‘Angelika Open 2012’, London and  ‘National Open Competition 2011’, Motorcade/Flashparade, Bristol.  His work was also included in the group exhibitions ‘One Night Stand’, Trade Gallery, Nottingham and ‘Undercurrents’,Tate Tanks, London.

Forthcoming projects include his short horror film ‘Mobile Punch and Judy Man’, commissioned by Fourth Wall Festival (O4W) and an alternative travel guide of Bala Lake commissioned by Loophole editions.

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