CALL THE WAVES: Telling like a river - Alia Mossallam
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CALL THE WAVES: Telling like a river - Alia Mossallam

Workshop: Alia Mossallam, Telling like a river  

Saturday 1 October, 2pm-5pm, First Space, Chapter

What if history was actually a story within a story within a story? In this storytelling workshop with Alia Mossalam, we’ll spend time with the various archives she shares in Rawy al-Anhar to explore how the Nubian people resisted displacement and how a story can be re-told through water.  

Image: Kirsten McTernan


Alia Mossallam is a cultural historian, educator and writer based in Berlin. Alia is interested in songs that tell stories and stories that tell the experiences of people behind the events that make World History. Alia has taught at the Cairo Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Free University in Berlin, and she founded the History Workshops ‘Ihky ya Tarikh’. She is currently working on her first book as Fellow of the EUME program at the Transregional Studies Forum in Berlin.

This event is part of the Call the Waves public programme. Call the Waves is a group exhibition and public programme which emerges from interconnected intimacies with different bodies of water, bringing together new works from artists, musicians, and historians Alia Mossallam, Bint Mbareh, Fern Thomas, Kandace Siobhan Walker, Maya Al Khaldi, and Noureddine Ezarraf. The project is co-curated by QANAT and SWAY, held collaboratively by Francesca Masoero, Louise Hobson, and Shayma Nader. Visit Call the Waves at Chapter Gallery Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm. 


All Call the Waves events are free, but booking is essential. Find more information and links below. 

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