EXHIBITION: Holly Davey: A Script for an Archive

EXHIBITION: Holly Davey: A Script for an Archive

In 2019, Chapter resident artist Holly Davey, was the Creative Wales Fellow at The British School at Rome. Whilst there, she researched the photographic collection of Agnes and Dora Bulwer, as well as the work of Oscar-winning set designer Dante Ferretti at Cinecitta Studios. These research threads resulted in a body of work called A Script for an Archive which has at its core a film script in which two women, Archive & Process, discuss their thoughts about who is missing from archival spaces and why we collect?

Alongside the script, is a series of cut out motifs representing the absent voices of women within archival and collection spaces in the form of incomplete costumes, dysfunctional props, models of sets and a video loop which traces the outline of the female form. This research comes together in a large-scale installation that the viewer can inhabit, walking between the elements of a film set in construction, simultaneously being in front of and behind the scene.

During the sharing of this research, there will be the opportunity to see some new studio work (21 - 25 July). On Saturday 24 July, hear a reading of the script and an informal ‘Meet the Artist’ event, where Holly will talk about her current work and research. 

Saturday 24 July:

12pm - Script reading

3.15pm - Script reading & Meet the Artist talk (BSL Interpreted)

BSL Interpretation provided by Anthony Evans

Script read by actors Rebecca Knowles & Polly Kilpatrick




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