How To Be Well In A World That is Sick?
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How To Be Well In A World That is Sick?

Interpreted Symbol Clip Art at - vector clip art online, royalty  free & public domain BSL Interpreted by Claire Anderson Thursday 15 June


Post-show discussion and Q&A at 8.50pmpm after both Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 performance. 

Written, created and performed, By Bethan Dear.

Stark, hopeful, bold and shot through with joy, Bethan shares her story. Embodying an exuberant and contagious freedom, she draws on her experiences of healing deep trauma from sexual and domestic violence. 

A visceral journey told through film projection, movement, clown and spoken word. A story of falling into darkness, fighting demons inside and out, of getting back up again, and re-finding the light.

Western society; a patriarchal, image obsessed, capitalist, consumer machine. Daily acts of gender-based sexual and domestic violence; A global sickness; A worldwide epidemic. And yet Society says: "Show us your pretty face and hide your ugly one!"

So, what can we do when painful things happen to us? Where can we go to find healthy recognition? Who will hold us? Witness us? Listen to us? Help and support us? How can we rewrite and reclaim our stories? Where is the space to take our 'ugly'? To share our pain, our grief, our trauma, our rage? Right here, on this stage?


Audience feedback: 

"You are speaking out what my mind has questioned forever."

The storytelling was beautiful; I was totally captivated and enjoyed the fun moments too.” 



£14 / £10

Duration: 90 mins, no interval

Age guidance: 16+ (under 18 must be accompanied by guardian)


Content warnings:

Please note there is full-body nudity and references to; sexual and domestic violence, depression, flashbacks, feeling suicidal, PTSD, trauma, and other mental health struggles. There will be no detailed descriptions or direct depictions of abuse, sexual or domestic violence, in the show.

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