The tour de force Print Wagon and The Printhaus, present their brand new event called PRINTED FESTIVAL. 

“Always thinking of new ways to share and celebrate print with the community, we’ve put our heads together to create our biggest venture yet.” (Aidan - Print Wagon) 



Print culture in Wales is strong. The accessibility of the art-form appeals to a wide array of makers and there are many established print-related organisations in and around the Cardiff area. 

Our aim is to build on the existing culture in South Wales by creating a new forum for artists, organisations and educators alike. The festival set-up will enable links to be made, resources to be shared and serve as a basis of opportunity and participation for all involved.  

“Print lends itself to accessibility – you don’t have to be able to draw to make a print, or even be particularly creative. This is why it’s the perfect art-form to share with people of mixed abilities, children and even your ‘mamgu’ “. (Tom - The Printhaus) 


On the day 

Expect a ‘makers trail’ of print artists stalls weaving through the vicinity. Take the time to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in to the have-a-go print activities, from risograph to screenprinting and everything in between. Venture into the Printhaus’ studios to experience live printmaking demonstrations or take in one of the talks from the extra special guest-speakers. 

The Print Usherettes will be around the whole weekend too - acting as friendly faces to help direct you, your friends and family to get to where you want to go (there are rumours they may even dress up).