The Infinity Card: Amazing Grace (U)

The Infinity Card: Amazing Grace (U)

Sun 16 April

USA | 2018 | 85’ | U | Sydney Pollack, Alan Elliot

In two days in January 1972, Aretha Franklin spent time in the New Bethel Baptist Church in Watts, Los Angeles making a record. Raised in the church, Franklin wanted to back to her gospel roots where she first found the power her voice could have upon an audience, a congregation. Director Sydney Pollack filmed these extraordinary sessions but the footage laid unseen until Alan Elliot painstakingly reassembled the pieces to create this extraordinary film. In startling close up we see the performance of a lifetime. Likened to a secular religious experience, this is possibly the greatest music movie ever made. 

+ Recorded introduction by Leo Robinson.

This screening is part of The Infinity Card: Events Programme and has been carefully selected to accompany Leo Robinson's solo exhibition. The film series will immerse you in Afrofuturism, ritual practices, non-linear time and altered psychological states - asserting different ways to reimagine our pasts and futures. Find out more about the full events programme here


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  • Sun 16 Apr , 2:00 PM