The Infinity Card: Daughters of the Dust (12A)

The Infinity Card: Daughters of the Dust (12A)

Sun 12 & Wed 15 March

USA | 1991 | 112’ | 12a | Julie Dash | Kaycee Moore, Cora Lee Day, Barbarao, Cheryl Lynn Bruce

At the dawn of the 20th century, a family in the Gullah community of coastal South Carolina (former West African slaves who have retained their ancestor’s Yoruba traditions) deal with the mixed emotions they feel over the need to move inland. As part of the Great Migration as many former slaves moved north to attempt to leave behind the trauma of slavery and this is their time to reflect and be ready to adapt for what is to come. This languid, poetic and ground-breaking film. Interweaves Dash’s own experiences, family memories and research, forging links with mythology and establishes a new sense of Black identity, culture and history. Part of the pioneering group of filmmakers in the 1990s creating the New Black Cinema, this was the first film by an African-American woman released theatrically in the USA and incredibly influential on artists contemporarily and who followed (notably on Beyonce, who used it as a template for her film Lemonade) and yet has not been widely enough seen by audiences. 

 + Introduction by Claire Vaughan, Film Programme Manager.

This screening is part of The Infinity Card: Events Programme and has been carefully selected to accompany Leo Robinson's solo exhibition. The film series will immerse you in Afrofuturism, ritual practices, non-linear time and altered psychological states - asserting different ways to reimagine our pasts and futures. Find out more about the full events programme here



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