ART IN THE BAR: Rithika Pandey: Everything has its time

ART IN THE BAR: Rithika Pandey: Everything has its time

Rithika Pandey’s richly coloured figurative paintings are borne from her childhood as a cultural nomad; she grew up in a family that moved between many places in India and Africa, before studying in the UK. These experiences provided her with a remarkable collection of impressions of colours and a unique vibrancy that bring her paintings to life.


Her practice draws from the personal, mythological, and scientific to navigate the mystical spaces within our human entanglements. Foregrounding issues around hybridity, displacement, the future, and femininity, her painted worlds are sacred spaces where boundaries are transgressed, and transformations are imminent.


These imagined worlds propose interstellar realities, occupied by potent psychological motifs, with protagonists who speak in non-verbal metaphors, as well as other more-than-human agencies intricately woven together in ritual. Her work highlights the nature of companionship and recovery, and opens up allegorical possibilities of a future that goes beyond apocalypse as an endpoint


Rithika Pandey was born in Varanasi, India in 1998 . Following her recent graduation from Carmarthen School of Art, she is now based between India and the UK.


Recent exhibitions include ‘Hymn of creation’, ADA, Rome, Italy and ‘Only What is Never Another’, Grosvenor Gallery, London, UK (both 2022); ‘No Rushing For Warmth’ Unit 1 Gallery Workshop, London, UK and ‘The Past is a Foreign Place’, Arcade Campfa, Cardiff (both 2021).


Image: Rithika Pandey, family script.


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