ART IN THE BAR: Sarah Taylor Silverwood

ART IN THE BAR: Sarah Taylor Silverwood

Love Bugs is the story of a busy landscape where creatures come together in scenes of intimacy, creativity, craft and industry.

Wasps coil pots, spiders weave, beetles roll dung, silk worms spin cocoons and love bugs embrace. The animation and accompanying wallpaper reflect on the way humans make sense of the hypnotic processes of the natural world, looking to insects as inspiration for mental strength, art making and mythology.

Sarah Taylor Silverwood is a visual artist who works with drawing. She makes public art works, animations, books, exhibitions, sculptures and textiles, often working in collaboration with other people. Recent solo projects include Daphne at The New Art Gallery Walsall (2019) and Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth (2020), and Crowd Show (2018) at NN Contemporary. She has been artist in residence at The British Consulate in Chicago (2014) and The University of Birmingham (2013). 



There is no need to book, and admission is free. 

Does dim angen archebu, ac mae mynediad am ddim.

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