Adventure: Wall of Shadows (12A)

Sat 7 & Wed 11 May

Poland | 2020 | 94’ | Eliza Kubarska | Tibetan, Nepali, Russian and Polish with English subtitles 

A Sherpa family breaks a taboo and climbs the holiest of mountains to earn money for their son’s education. They accompany a winter expedition to the East Face of Khumbakarna in a remote corner of Eastern Nepal. This giant wall of rock and ice has never been climbed and probably for good reason. Undeterred, Russian mountaineers Dimitri, Sergei and Polish climber Marcin are willing to try.

A stunning, artful and often frightening documentary about the risks one family takes to save their son from a dangerous future.  


£6 / £4 

Unallocated seating - sold at full capacity 

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