CAF: Love Bugs + Q&A

CAF: Love Bugs + Q&A

Mon 1 January 0001 - Sun 10 April 2022

If you've visited Chapter recently, you'll have seen Sarah Taylor Silverwood's animated Art in the Bar exhibition, Love Bugs. This is your chance to see the work on the big screen, and hear more about it in a Q&A with the artist herself.

About the work

Love Bugs is the story of a busy landscape where creatures come together in scenes of intimacy, creativity, craft and industry.

Portraying stick insects, potter wasps, spiders, love bugs, silk worms and dung beetles in colourful hand drawn vignettes, Silverwood’s animations are informed by folklore, mythology, and heritage, reflecting on the way humans make sense of the hypnotic processes of the natural world.

Collaborating with Chapter-based composer, Samuel Barnes, Silverwood has been exploring manufactured simulations of natural sounds, to create an accompanying soundtrack that includes field records from gardens, allotments, Warley Woods and Snowdonia.


About the Artist

Sarah Taylor Silverwood is a visual artist who works with drawing. She makes public art works, animations, books, exhibitions, sculptures and textiles, often working in collaboration with other people. Recent solo projects include Daphne at The New Art Gallery Walsall (2019) and Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth (2020), and Crowd Show (2018) at NN Contemporary. She has been artist in residence at The British Consulate in Chicago (2014) and The University of Birmingham (2013). She is part of the co-operative, Modern Clay.


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