CAF: Shorts 6 - Reel/Life (adv 15)

CAF: Shorts 6 - Reel/Life (adv 15)

Thu 7 & Sun 10 April 2022

74' | adv 15 | F-Rated 

Feel inspired by Reel/Life stories and delve into this programme of animated documentaries and films based on true events. The filmmakers in this programme use animation to shine a light on issues from around the world and moments through history, raising awareness through animated storytelling. From an account of the Hong Kong Riots to a history of the Chinese Exclusion Act, an autobiographical portrayal of living with autism to an intimate tale of childhood immigration, this selection is packed with  touching tales and inspiring stories.



  • NOMINO SUKUNE - DIr. Ryotaro Miyajima | Japan | 1mins
  • Strange - Dir. Cameron Carr  | UK | 3mins
  • Live - Dir. Meg Dupont | UK | 5mins
  • My Grandmother Is an Egg - Dir. Wu-Ching Chang | Taiwan | 8mins
  • Freedom Swimmer - Dir. Olivia Martin-McGuire | UK |15mins
  • Prince Edward - Dir. Hoching Kwok | UK | 2mins 
  • TED-ED''The dark history of the Chinese Exclusion Act'' - DIr. Mohammad Babakoohi, Yijia Cao | USA | 6mins 
  • Bloody Jackboots - Dir. Leila Ahang | Iran | 1min
  • Checkpoint - Dir. Jana Kattan | UK | 6mins
  • Cherry Bone - DIr. Evgenia Gostrer | Germany | 17mins
  • The Seine's Tears | Dir. Yanis Belaid, Eliott Benard, Nicolas Mayeur,  Etienne Moulin, Hadrien Pinot, Lisa Vicente, Philippine Singer, Alice  Letailleur | France | 9mins 


£6 / £4

Please note Sunday's screening is now taking place at 4.45pm (originally advertised as 12.15pm). All existing ticketholders will be contacted. 

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