Cardiff Animation Afternoon: Speechless

Cardiff Animation Afternoon: Speechless

81mins | Advisory: 12A | (F rating)

Since the early days of cinema, stories have been told using a mixture of visuals and music cues; captivating audiences with quick glances shared between characters, intimate close-ups and slapstick comedy routines. This programme can be enjoyed in any language, and proves that you don’t need dialogue to tell an amazing story. Break free from the boundaries of language and escape into the world of pure visual storytelling. Sit back, relax, and let these speechless films take you on an adventure of a lifetime; immersing yourself in a diverse selection of tales about friendship, familial dramas, and perseverance.

Heat Wave - Dir. Fokion Xenos | Greece | 7mins

Blieschow - Dir. Christoph Sarow | Germany | 9mins

It Starts With - Dir. Laura Nasir-Tamara | UK | 2mins

Hounds - Dir. Ido Shapira, Amit Cohen | Israel | 6mins

Love Me, Fear Me - Dir. Veronica Solomon | Germany | 6mins

10 Meter - Dir. Erik Waeijen | Netherlands | 1min

Her Boat - Dir. Yingzhong Hu | Canada/China | 8mins

The Flounder - Dir. Lizzy Hobbs | UK | 6mins

Fire and Water - Dir. Robert Brown | UK | 2mins

One Pair Coat - Dir. Yi Luo | Germany | 3mins

Friends - Dir. Florian Grolig | Germany | 7mins

Homesick - Dir. Hila Einy, Yoav Aluf, Noy Bar | Israel | 7mins

The Idea - Dir. Grant Berry, Ben Steer | UK | 1min

Freeze frame - Dir. Soetkin Verstegen | Belgium | 5mins

WIND - Dir. Dana Sink | USA | 2mins

Hors Piste - Dir. Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet | France | 6mins


£6 / £4

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