Cardiff Animation Festival: A Cat Called Dom (15)

Cardiff Animation Festival: A Cat Called Dom (15)

Sun 24 , Tue 26 - Thu 28 September

UK | 2023 | 60' | 15 | Will Anderson, Ainslie Henderson 

A Cat Called Dom details filmmaker Will Anderson’s relationship with his mother and their journey following the diagnosis of her cancer. Whilst alone, Will privately keeps council with an animated cat called Dom - a curious character living inside of his computer screen who interjects with observations, questions and actions that shed a light on Will's feelings to a darkly humorous and often poignant effect.

Created with co-director and collaborator, Ainslie Henderson, the film documents the manifold emotions Will experiences, as he juggles the pressures of filmmaking and personal trauma whilst coming to terms with a potential, earthshattering loss.

The film will be followed by a recorded Q&A with directors Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson, hosted by Cardiff Animation Festival director Lauren Orme.


Daytime (until 5pm): £7 / £5 concessions

Evening (5pm onward): £8 / £6 concessions

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