Cardiff Mini Film Festival: Big Spender (adv18)

Cardiff Mini Film Festival: Big Spender (adv18)

Various | 2020 | 118’ | adv18 | various
Spend a little time with our shortlisted films made with just a little bit more money, from hard-hitting Austrian social realist drama to knotty, twisty thrillers. 

Austria | 2020 | 30’ | Albin Wildner

Raphael is forced to take an underwhelming job as a night-time security guard and move back in with his unwell mother. Through her support, he gradually learns to cope with his new life situation until a tragic incident breaks his world apart once more.

Mama’s Ashes
Netherlands | 2020 | 19’ | Caspar Commijs

Under pressure of his stepfather Estevan, Jurriën travels to Spain to disperse his recently deceased mother. The rebellious teenager has a different wish, but how far does he have to go to bring his mother's ashes safely back home?

Sail On, My Love
Denmark | 2020 | 30’ | Jonatan Egholm Keis

Things go south when a young man joins a trip to a vacation house with old friends and discovers that things are not the way they used to be between them in this knotty thriller.

The Killing of a Child
Netherlands | 2019 | 12’ | Kokosky Deforchaux

A lonely child makes his very first friend, but his miserable existence means the friendship is ill fated.

The Manila Lover
Norway | 2020 | 26’ | Johanna Pyykkö
During a trip to the Philippines, middle-aged Norwegian Lars meets Abigail, the Filipina he wants to share his life with. But does she share his plans?

Cardiff Mini Festival Programme

Saturday 2 October
5pm - Big Spender 
7pm - Film Networking Social (First Space)
Sunday 3 October
10.30am - Animation
12.10pm - Student Award
1.40pm - Music Videos and One Minute Wonder
3.15pm - Documentary
4.50pm - Low Budget
6.40pm - Welsh Film Award
8.05pm - Twisted Tales
9.00pm -  Awards & Closing Party (First Space)


£6 / £4

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