Cardiff Mini Film Festival: Low Budget (no cert)

Cardiff Mini Film Festival: Low Budget (no cert)

Various | 2020 | 74’ | no cert | various 
Filmmaking during the pandemic proved even further that films don’t need big budgets, special effects or impeccable production values to be great. This programme showcases our shortlisted filmmakers’ creativity and ingenuity, spanning issues as varied as the fall of Colston’s statue in Bristol, a young child’s love of Fellini and the simple joy of joining a choir.

8 ¾
United States | 2020 | 10’ | Shaun Cheatham

Armed with a formidable knowledge of Italian cinema, an irrepressible eight-year-old boy helps his grandfather recover from a catastrophic loss.

Although I Am Retired
China | 2020 | 18’ | Feng Tian Xun

A retired bank manager joins her local women’s choir and finds a new harmony between work and pleasure.

Angel Falls
UK | 2020 | 8’ | Tom Lincoln

With an asteroid due to obliterate the earth, what would you do with your final hour?

UK | 2020 | 6’ | Pierre Niyongira

Dinah Black, a runaway slave from 1687, and Michael, an African exchange student, collide in present-day Bristol, a city being forced to re-address its slave trade legacy after Colston’s statue is toppled.

In Your Hands
Italy |2020 | 13’ | Lorenzo Maria Chierici 

A deaf girl visits her partner in prison. During visiting hours, physical contact is forbidden, but they can see through one another just by touching each other’s hands. 

Shadow Boxer
UK | 2020 | 11’ | Ross McGowan

WBF Super Middle Weight title fight. For the challenger, Mason Mendoza, this is personal. It's round 9, he's down on points and fighting for his pride.

We Are Not Here
Norway | 2020 | 7’ | Kasper Quintanilla

After recently finding herself in the afterlife, a young woman and her new companion are moving freely through time and space while being invisible. But this sense of freedom is challenged by the fact that they’re not able to touch each other.


Cardiff Mini Festival Programme

Saturday 2 October
5pm - Big Spender 
7pm - Networking (First Space / Marquee)
Sunday 3 October
10.30am - Animation
12.10pm - Student Award
1.40pm - Music Videos and One Minute Wonder
3.15pm - Documentary
4.50pm - Low Budget
6.40pm - Welsh Film Award
8.05pm - Twisted Tales
9.00pm -  Awards and Closing Party (First Space / Marquee)


£6 / £4

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