Cardiff Mini Film Festival: Music Video and One Minute Wonder

Cardiff Mini Film Festival: Music Video and One Minute Wonder

Various | 2020 | 47’ | various 
A delightful pick and mix programme of our Music Video and One Minute Wonder shortlisted films. Short but sweet and occasionally spicy. 

Music Video

Sick - Maeve, dir: Joshua Trigg
FEAR, dir: Julie Boehm
Jolin Tsai, dir: OUTERSPACE Leo
Spotlight, dir: L. Ash
Geneva Jacuzzi’s Casket, dir: Chris Friend
The Skys – Communication, dir: Jonas Čiurlionis
Diamonds, dir: Shaun David Barker
Infected, dir: Alfonso Moreno
Good and Better, dir: Gil Alkabetz
Agapito, dir: Rafael Vidal Altabert, Julián Gómez Caballero
Take Cover, dir: Paul Stafford

One Minute Wonders

Spain | 2020 | 2’ | Marc Lesperut

An emotional phone call of a nurse to her mother sets the tone of this short, moving piece dedicated to all health workers fighting against coronavirus all over the world.

France | 2020 | 1’ | Charlie Luccini

A modern depiction of Venus going through her feelings. 

UK | 2020 | 1’ | James Skinner

A bullied young girl is caught by a shopkeeper with a glossy fashion magazine which cruel older girls have dared her to steal. The shopkeeper teaches her the biggest dare is to just be yourself.

Fever Dreams 
United States | 2020 | 2’ | Alexa Rae Liccardi

Captured on Kodak Super 8 film, an endless summer afternoon beneath the New England sun reminds us that fleeting moments tend to be the most beautiful.

Film Crew in Quarantine
Lithuania | 2020 | 1’ | Robertas Nevecka

The curious routines of film set workers killing time in quarantine.

Fool’s Errands
UK | 2020 | 1’ | Reuben Armstrong

A series of absurd, pointless, useless undertakings.

United States | 2020 | 1’ | Hazel Ito

A poetic short video and sound work shot in Hawaii in response to the pandemic.

United States | 2020 | 1’ | Eddy Falconer

A suggestive trompe l’oeil delight.

Swim Meet
United States | 2020 | 1’ | Caitlin Du

This original animation portrays a swim meet and a character’s interior monologue.

The Missing Key
Israel | 2020 | 2’ | Michal Szczupak

A strange man tries to find the right key.

This is Why Girls Go to the Bathroom Together
UK | 2020 | 1’ | Lydia Reid

A punky animation depicting the real reason girls go to the bathroom in pairs.

UK | 2020 | 1’ | Daniele Guerra

A chance encounter between two young men leads to a chase and an unexpected result. 


Cardiff Mini Festival Programme

Saturday 2 October
5pm - Big Spender 
7pm - Film Networking Social (First Space)
Sunday 3 October
10.30am - Animation
12.10pm - Student Award
1.40pm - Music Videos and One Minute Wonder
3.15pm - Documentary
4.50pm - Low Budget
6.40pm - Welsh Film Award
8.05pm - Twisted Tales
9.00pm -  Awards & Closing Party (First Space)


£6 / £4

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