Cardiff Mini Film Festival: Welsh Film Award (no cert)

Cardiff Mini Film Festival: Welsh Film Award (no cert)

 Wales | 2020 | 55’ | no cert | various 
The Welsh Film Award supports and celebrates new and emerging filmmakers working in Wales. Join us on an adventure with bumbling druids, furious queer poetry, father son bonding and an all-consuming vortex. Llongyfarchiadau i bawb!

Wales | 2020 | 14’ | Shwan Nostrapour

Journey back through the mysterious mists of time on an adventure with three bungling druids, a mischievous squirrel and a psychedelic chicken as they try to restore the balance of nature after a bizarre astrological event threatens to change their world forever.

Lochgoilhead Forever
Wales | 2020 | 15’ | Liam Martin

In this wryly observed piece, the filmmaker and his cranky father finally head to the neglected home where his grandparents once lived. Like the chalet itself, the men’s relationship is long untended. Sorting through the dusty relics proves to be an emotional task.

Road Rage! 
Wales | 2020 | 5’ | James Button

Grumpy Welshman Derw Derw is late for an interview so the last thing he needs is to get sucked into a vortex.

Wales | 2020 | 5’ | Rosemary Baker 

A powerful short film based on a poem by Lisa Luxx. In an era of headline-hitting attacks on lesbians in public, it is a call to arms to take the word back.

Take Control
Wales | 2020 | 15’ | Luke Walters

Student Bethany is thrust into a difficult situation after boyfriend Aaron finds out her future plans which then leads to an altercation that will change her life forever.



Cardiff Mini Festival Programme

Saturday 2 October
5pm - Big Spender 
7pm - Film Networking Social (First Space)
Sunday 3 October
10.30am - Animation
12.10pm - Student Award
1.40pm - Music Videos and One Minute Wonder
3.15pm - Documentary
4.50pm - Low Budget
6.40pm - Welsh Film Award
8.05pm - Twisted Tales
9.00pm -  Awards & Closing Party (First Space)


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