I am Belmaya (12A)

I am Belmaya (12A)

Fri 22 , Sun 24 & Wed 27 October 2021

UK | 2021 | 81’ | TBC | Sue Carpenter, Belmaya Nepali

At 21 years-old, Belmaya has given up on finding happiness. As a traditional Dalit woman, with an oppressive husband and a baby, she yearns for independence and a creative life. We then rewind back to footage from 2006 when she was a rebellious teenager living in a girls’ home grabbing her chance to learn photography, but her camera was locked away. Fast forward again to 2014 and she picks the camera back up and trains as a filmmaker, but is her husband and community ready for this? An inspirational tale of courage and hope as Belmaya takes control of telling her story.

“A superb portrait of a young Nepali woman lifting herself out of subjugation through the means of photography and film-making” William Hemmingway, UK Documentary Film Review


£6 / £4

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