LezDiff: Young, Queer and Very Much Here

LezDiff: Young, Queer and Very Much Here

A diverse programme of short films from Britain showcasing young Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer talent in front of and behind the scenes. Followed by discussions from the filmmakers themselves 

Make Me A King
UK | 2021 | 16’ | Sofia Olins
Libby Mai, Ben Caplan

Ari performs as a Jewish Drag King, much to the confusion of their family. Idolising real-life hero, Pepi Littman, who carved out a space for Drag Kings over 100 years ago, they use this history to open a space for acceptance in the present.

Do This For Me
UK | 2022 | 20’ | Marnie Baxter

Maintaining friendships in your twenties is tricky. Juggling careers, romance and the dread of turning 30. Meet Lex, Gracie, Beca, Kat, and Joy. We all know them, as we all are them. Reuniting to pay tribute to a friend, tensions quickly rise as tipsy turns to drunk and grief takes hold of those left behind.

UK | 2021 | 14’ | Alix Eve, Olivia Dowd
Ell Potter, Ella Dacres

A relationship in a microcosm – from nervous first date, to joining together, then falling apart. But can there be something new?

Planet Love
Wales | 2012 | 3’ | Rachel Dax
Amelia Gildea, Engel Angelica

A bored shop assistant gets the trip of a lifetime when a quirky customer entices her away from the cash till.

Night Out
UK | 2018 | 11’ | Amelia Hashemi
Savannah Clement, Savvy Clement

Being a teenager is hard. Figuring out who you want to be is harder. Sometimes a night out can change everything… Three schoolgirls pull up outside a club on the other side of London, each with their own reasons to have the best night ever. Like most teenagers they want to push boundaries, figure themselves out and have new experiences.

Home Girl
UK | 2018 | 12’ | Poonam Brah
Aysha Kala, Goldy Notay

Roya, a British-Muslim woman, grieves after her mother’s death. Plunged into despair and burdened by things left unsaid, Roya is forced to face up to her true desires.

Ladies Day
UK | 2018 | 9’ | Abena Taylor-Smith
Savannah Steyn, Jade Avia

A young, black lesbian spends the day in an African-Caribbean hair salon. It’s full of fun, sheen spray, gossip and laughter, but how will she deal with the casual homophobia?

Cwch Deilen
Wales | 2020 | 8’ | Efa Blosse-Mason | Welsh with English subtitles
Sara Gregory, Catrin Stewart

A Welsh-language animated short film telling the story of Heledd and Celyn, who navigate the undiscovered and murky waters of entering a new relationship.


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