Mini Cardiff Animation Festival 2023: Quick Draw Shorts

Mini Cardiff Animation Festival 2023: Quick Draw Shorts

Fri 24 March

The Cardiff Quick Draw competition sees teams across the globe working to achieve the impossible goal of making an animated film within a single weekend. 

During the previous Quick Draw in March 2022, over 70 teams took on the challenge and 46 of them succeeded, creating an amazing selection of films based on the prompt theme of “Blend”. 

This year, the teams were different, the prompt was different, but the films made over the weekend of 10–12 March are no less incredible. 

Pop along and see what it’s possible to make if you have a 48-hour deadline, a community of like-minded thrill-seekers, and a whole lot of determination.

Join us and other festivalgoers before the films for some mini food in the Cinema Foyer from 7pm onwards.

This event is part of Mini Cardiff Animation Festival, running 24–25 March 2023. For the full programme and more information go to




Free | Am ddim

Ticket & Times

  • Fri 24 Mar , 8:30 PM

    Soft Subtitles 

    For D/deaf and hard-of-hearing, a transcription of the film’s dialogue in English along the bottom of the screen and a description of the sound in the film is also included.