No Bears (12A)

No Bears (12A)

Iran | 2022 | 106’ | 12a | Jafar Panahi | Persian with English subtitles | Jafar Panahi, Mina Kavani, Vahid Mobaseri 

A couple conspire to leave Iran for Europe, but just as we become involved in their story the fourth wall is broken as we realise that this is a film-within-a-film. Banned from making films and unable to leave the country, Jafar Panahi is stationed in a village by the border with Turkey trying to find a way to tell stories. Within the careful folds of reality we uncover the deeper truth about how it is to live with an oppressive government, the village a microcosm of life in Tehran. With Panahi recently imprisoned, on top of his 20 year ban on making films and the protests against the Iranian government becoming increasingly recognised internationally, this film is a powerful statement of defiance.  



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