SAFAR: Miguel's War + Q&A

SAFAR: Miguel's War + Q&A

Mon 1 January 0001 - Tue 12 July 2022

Lebanon | 2021 | 128’ | TBC | Eliane Raheb | Arabic and Spanish with English subtitles

Raised by a conservative Catholic father and authoritarian Syrian mother, teenage Miguel was a deeply sensitive boy filled with shame as he realised his gay identity. Desperate to prove he could act ‘like a real man’ he joined the fighting but, traumatised, he immigrated to Spain. Decades later he feels ready to confront the ghosts of his past and hopes to regain an emotional balance and maybe even find love. Using intertwined cinematic forms and melding documentary, animation, archive and theatre, this is a film hoping to offer an experience of awareness and catharsis. 

A rich, multifaceted piece of work addressing the complexity and contradiction of the human experience as well as that of human collectives, of cities… It’s a powerful portrait of a person and place, and one of the most impressive documentaries of the year.” Jennie Kermode, Eye for Film


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