Sound For the Future (15)

Sound For the Future (15)

Fri 28 October , Tue 1 - Thu 3 November 2022

UK | 2022 | 101’ | 15 | Matt Hulse 

What did you do for fun when you were a pre-teen? For the Hulse children, they formed a punk band called The Hippies. Echoing the naïve charm of The Shaggs and featuring songs about disease, The Antarctic and assassinations they played shows for their mum’s chaotic group of friends (part of the ‘Cambridge squat scene’). For his 50th birthday the band’s drummer, Matt Hulse, uses archive film and re-enactments to try and make sense of that crazy time and reconnect with memories of his mother. Like a dive into someone else’s dream, this is a fascinating attempt to grapple with the past to make sense of the present.  


£6 / £4 

Audio Description and Soft Subtitles available. 

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