T A P E Collective x Invisible Women: Touched (18a)

T A P E Collective x Invisible Women: Touched (18a)

UK | 2022 | 83’ | adv18 | various

Celebrate the diversity and fluidity of desire with Touched, showcasing sensuous shorts by female and non-binary filmmakers. Co-curated by collectives TAPE and Invisible Women, this subversive and surprising programme connects filmmakers from across the decades by combining contemporary work with rarities from the archive. The result is a witty, intimate and unapologetically sexy selection of films that open up space for wider discussions about self-love, intimacy and longing. 

What About Me?
UK | 2021 | 3’ | Lois Stevenson

A playful take on the many faces of heartbreak; a manic journey of self-discovery and a force of feminine energy. Inspired by an original concept from knitwear designer, Megan Sharples (Knit Lyf), it follows Sanaa, a heartbroken woman possessed by a destructive being, The Love Monster, who largely narrates the film through an internal monologue.

Random Acts of Intimacy
UK | 1999 | 15’ | Clio Barnard

A film about brief moments of contact and sexual intimacy. It addresses notions of erotic memory, sexual fantasy, sexual desire and romantic love.

Sweden | 2018 | 14’ | Anette Sidor

Alice is together with Johannes but she doesn't have enough space to be herself. On a night out with friends, she steals a strap-on and challenges her boyfriend's thoughts about girls.

What She Wants
UK | 1994 | 5’ | Ruth Lingford

A woman travelling on the underground is bedevilled with images of desire. What She Wants - wholly created on an Amiga 1500 home computer – is a film about sex and shopping, the social deployment of sexuality, and capitalism in detumescence.

UK | 1997 | 15’ | Pratibha Parmar

A short dramatic film about the time honoured quest for love and human intimacy. This stylish, witty and warm movie set in gay bars, in dreams, in adverts and cyberspace, delights in the gloss of the world it depicts as it explores one woman’s foray into cybersex looking for emotionally safer sex.

#Familiar #Touch #Lost #Figures
UK | 2017 | 12’ | Katayoun Jalilipour

An exploration of queer ancestry and diaspora, the hybrids between cultural traditions and contemporary queer identity. This short film is about intimacies that are taboo. It’s about when you’re stuck between not knowing where home is, and finding home in a stranger.

The Birth Of Valerie Venus
UK | 2020 | 15’ | Sarah Clift

A vicar's devoted wife finds herself possessed by a strange force that reveals a naughty side she didn't know she had.

She Wanted Green Lawns
UK | 1991 | 4’ | Sarah Turner

Featuring the Carpenters song ‘Close To You’, this is an ode to love and fantasy. Filmed in a gay bar, the roving camera hesitates on a woman’s face, on some lilies, on small groups of people drinking and enjoying themselves and on the proverbial kiss between two women. As if on cue, ten lesbians gather in line at the bar and nonchalantly perform a synchronised dance. A sublime fantasy, with pleasure as protest.


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