Theo and the Metamorphosis (18 adv)

Fri 24 - Thu 30 June 2022

France/Switzerland | French with subtitles | 96’ | recommended 18 | Théo Kermel, Pierre Meunier, Ayumi Roux

Scooping awards at some of the most well-known film festivals in Europe, audiences are in for a real treat, with a sneak peek of this startling film before its release for UK distribution.

Théo is a 27-year-old with Down’s syndrome, who lives in a secluded forest with his father. Every day he trains his body to become a samurai. One day his father leaves and Théo decides to start a new life.

An astonishing, bold and dreamlike film with a tremendous central performance from Théo Kermel.

£4.00 - 6.00

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