Don't Play With Dead Things

Tue 15 - Sun 20 February

The world’s ONLY live-stream, democratic horror game. Participate in two ways: a group of up to 5 indivduals can play against the Necrotic Narrator, or choose to be a voyeur and watch their futile struggle.

Dare you face the sick, gore-filled world of Don’t Play With Dead Things and try to achieve the impossible and win.

Here lies the Archive of Dead Things. Within this room lies all the rotten and forgotten of the world, including a brainless husk of a person that is yours to command. Can you discover its secrets before time runs out?

Don’t worry if you’re not brave enough to face this fearful frightmare because there are TWO ways to participate: play or watch. Players join a team of 5 and take on the playful, sadistic host, The Necrotic Narrator. Viewers become cowardly voyeurs watching the struggle of their comrades among the living.

This exciting, groundbreaking democratic horror show stitches together theatre and livestream gaming.

Made exclusively for livestream allowing you to enjoy the show from wherever you are.

Welcome to the only place as cruel and unfair as your life.

Content warnings: Haze, strobe, flashing imagery, sudden loud noises, references to suicide and death




There are two ticket options: Purchase a PLAYER ticket (via 'FRONT ROW') to play the game live on screen OR purchase a WATCH FROM HOME ticket (via AUDIENCE) to view the game off screen. 

Please note that 'FRONT ROW' tickets are for PLAYERS only and 'AUDIENCE' tickets are for VIEWERS only.

One player per screen, one player per ticket. No groups on screens please.

Players must arrive in plenty of time.

This is an online event and ticketholders will be sent details on how to join via email.

Duration: 1hr
Age guidance: 16+

Ticket & Times