Just A Few Words - Stammermouth

Just A Few Words - Stammermouth

Fri 6 - Sat 7 September 2019
Seligman Theatre

Just a few words to say how you feel. Shouldn’t take long. Except, this is a one-man play with a stammer, and StammerMouth’s speech is lost as a nagging pile of thoughts won't stop interrupting him… This may take a while.

A darkly comic grapple with the awkward task of expression, inviting you into the mind of a person who stammers.

Partnered with Unlimited; the British Stammering Association; the University of Chichester; the Mike Howley Trust.

Winner of the TicketSource Festival Favourite Award at Cardiff Fringe 2018

Nominated for the Total Theatre Emerging Artist Award, Edinburgh Fringe 2015

“A seriously accomplished piece of theatre ” - Disability Arts Online.

Age 12+

BSL interpretation:
Julie Doyle (Friday 06)
Claire Anderson (Saturday 07)


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