LezDiff LGBTQ+ History Month: The Stories Of Their Lives

LezDiff LGBTQ+ History Month: The Stories Of Their Lives

Sun 12 February

An afternoon of theatre and literature celebrating lesbian, bisexual and queer women’s histories.

PERFORMANCE - Queer Tale From Wales presents

‘Brenhines y Llyn / Queen of the Lake’ (15 mins)

“Robust are the females hard labour attends them

With the fist they could knock down the man who offends them”

Set in North Wales in 1780 or thereabouts, a story about strong woman Marged ferch Ifan and her Coppermine girl. Includes Welsh cakes and gossip. Told by Jane Hoy.


TALK & Q&A - Norena Shopland Historian (45 mins)

Norena Shopland is an author/historian specialising in the history of sexual orientation and gender identity. Her book Forbidden Lives: LGBT stories from Wales (Seren Books, 2017) is the first completely historical work on Welsh LGBTQ+ history. Queering Glamorgan and A Practical Guide to Searching LGBTQIA Historical Records (Routledge, 2020) have become very popular as toolkits to aid people in doing research. Her latest book is A History of Women in Men’s Clothes: from cross-dressing to empowerment (Pen and Sword Books, 2021).

Norena Shopland discusses her work and tells us about a cluster of very different Welsh women believed to be queer – Katherine Philips known as the Welsh Sappho, Gwen John a Welsh artist and the two loves of Cranogwen, Fanny and Jane. She explores how looking at history in different ways can show us more about historic people than we could have imagined.




PERFORMANCE - Queer Tales From Wales presents

A Moral Amazon: the story of Miss Amy Dillwyn (45 mins)

Jane Hoy and Helen Sandler tell the story of Amy Dillwyn of Swansea, novelist, industrialist, feminist, dog lover and cigar smoker! A lively tale told with a little help from the audience.




PERFRORMANCE - Behind The Lines presents

‘Tell Me I’m Forgiven – The Story of Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney’ (60 mins)

Meet two fascinating women who created a groundbreaking double act in 1918 and went on to take the West End and Broadway by storm. Gwen Farrar and Norah Blaney spent twenty years in the limelight, enjoying a harmonious relationship on stage and a rollercoaster partnership behind the scenes. Alison Child reads from her acclaimed biography of the pair and, with her partner Rosie Wakley, evokes this fascinating story that spans two world wars and the glamorous 1920s.



Chat to the writers and performers about their work, buy a signed copy of their books.


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Ticket & Times

  • Sun 12 Feb , 12:00 PM