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The Amplifier Press

The Amplifier Press – Hi Fidelity Letterpress with all the Best Tunes!

Owned and operated by social entrepreneur and activist printmaker Nigel Draper, The Amplifier Press is Cardiff’s only working letterpress studio. Using vintage machinery & presses as well as traditional wooden and metal type, Nigel makes disobedient prints and dissenting objects.

Over the past few years, Nigel has painstakingly restored two rare vintage letterpress treadle presses – made in the late 19th century by George Mann and Co Ltd in Leeds, they are probably the only surviving versions of this model machine in UK. Returned to use with new parts and chases, Nigel gently persuades these two-ton presses to dance and pirouette, kissing ink and image onto fragile sheets of paper and board.

The Amplifier Press provides a range of training courses and bespoke workshop sessions; working with individual clients and groups to create original pieces or limited editions. The press is also able to manufacture polymer plates up to A3 from digital files for printing and embossing on a range of materials.

Nigel enjoys and values collaborating with other artists and makers to create new and original work. The Amplifier Press strives to combine a range of traditional analogue and contemporary digital techniques - to help you to create printed products that realise your ingenious ideas and typeface dreams.

The Amplifier Press is Certified and Authorised by The Ministry of Truth and is a Founding Member of The International Bureau of Amplification and Reverberation Inc©

More information about The Amplifier Press can be found on our website and on Instagram
Nigel can be contacted on
+447768 607 016
[email protected]