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Black and white photograph of a white car parked in front of a building, with people walking out through the main door. In the centre of the photograph there's claw marks and to the left is an illustrated face.


CAF 2024: 16mm Workshop with Mary Martins (U)

  • 2h 0m

£6 - £8


  • Duration 2h 0m

120 mins | U

Explore 16mm experimental animation with multidisciplinary artist Mary Martins.

In this workshop, Mary will introduce you to scratching and drawing directly onto 16mm film/celluloid, using similar techniques to the experimental films of Len Lye and Norman McLaren. There will also be a showcase selection of her award-winning documentary shorts.

See all of your work come to life as it is projected at the end of the session. Your work will be digitised at a later stage and available to view and share online.

Mary Martins is a documentary animator and experimental filmmaker from London. She produces multi-layered documentaries that combine 16mm film and animation, exploring socially engaged themes, representing the experiences of marginalised groups, and celebrating her own Nigerian heritage.

Explore experimental animation with multidisciplinary artist Mary Martins.


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