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CAF 2024 Shorts 2: Slice of Life (adv.12+)

  • 1h 25m


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  • Duration 1h 25m

85mins | Advisory: 12+ | (F rated)

The world is a big place, full of diverse stories from the billions of people living their own lives. We might eat different things for breakfast and have our own strange little routines, but at the centre of everything, we’re all just human.

Slice of Life delivers 13 films that will give you a taste of a world bigger than your own. You will get to experience the true meaning of comfort food, travel back in time through intimate family dinners, join in on revolutions, and even learn some new techniques about self care and reflection. You might not be able to travel to some of the destinations featured in this program, but when you watch the lives of these characters unfold on screen, you’ll be able to savour the entire world.

  • Meal - Dir. Cindy Claudia, UK, 03:36

  • The Garbage Man - Dir. Laura Gonçalves, Portugal, 11:50

  • A Ferris Wheel In The Desert - Dir. Lénaïg Le Moigne, France, 10:23

  • Sunflower Field - Dir. Polina Buchak, Ukraine, 04:23

  • Take Care - Dir. Joy Chang, UK, 01:00

  • Disparate Threads - Dir. Hannah Roza Fisher, UK, 01:32

  • What It Takes - Dir. Kelsi Phung, Fabien Corre, France, 01:29

  • The Fell We Climb - Dir. Lou Kneath, Jeffrey Wallin, UK, 10:19

  • Visible Mending - Dir. Samantha Moore, UK, 08:30

  • Time Goes - Dir. Lily Jenkins, UK, 02:16

  • The Great Arc - Dir. Camille Authouart, France, 11:58

  • Do Not Feed The Pigeons: A Moment Of Magic, Courtesy Of Pigeons - Dir. Antonin Niclass, UK, 08:43

Content Warning:

War, racism, threatening behaviour, mental health.

Image from the film Rainbow Junktion