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CAF 2024 Shorts 3: Home Grown (adv.15+)

  • 1h 9m

£6 - £8


  • Duration 1h 9m

69mins | Advisory: 15+ | (F rated)

Home Grown is a dream come true when it comes to independent cinema in Wales. This program showcases 12 refreshing films from filmmakers who are Welsh or based in Wales, and offers nothing but the very best of what our domestic animation has to show.

From dazzling student films, to unique stories about love, fighting your inner demons, and climate change; Watching this program helps to celebrate the work of local filmmakers and get you inspired by all the stories that are brewing from your own backyard. Cymru am byth!

  • The Hounds Of Annwn - Dir. Beth B Hughes, Bryony Evans, Wales, 08:23

  • Slowly Waking - Dir. Sara Schiavone, UK, 08:21

  • Ghosts - Dir. James Morris, Maria Tilt , Wales, 05:15

  • Inner Polar Bear - Dir. Gerald Conn, Wales, 07:00

  • Spectre Of The Bear - Dir. Josh Hicks, Wales, 10:53

  • Criminally Cute - Dir. Eirinn Henley, UK, 04:08

  • Amygdala - Dir. Daniel Evans, Wales, 04:05

  • Painkiller - Dir. Lleucu Non, UK, 03:33

  • Sanctuary - Dir. Luke Hyde, Rumpus Animation, Uk, 01:49

  • The Robin And The Wren - Dir. Léa Sautin, Wales, 03:17

  • Laundry Day - Dir. Bianca Iancu, Wales, 01:26

  • Falling For Greta - Dir. Gustavo Arteaga, Wales, 11:16

Content Warning:

Flashing imagery, nudity, death, bloody imagery, mental health.

Image from film Falling For Greta


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