Character Kakomando enters a shack holding an electronic box and wears red sunglasses.


CAF 2024 Shorts 4: Pick n Mix (adv.15+)

  • 1h 19m


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  • Duration 1h 19m

79mins | Advisory: 15+ | (F rated)

What’s your go-to pairing when it comes to movie snacks? Are you the sweet and salty type? Or maybe you prefer sticking to the classics like Haribo and Maltesers? If you’re uncertain about what you want to treat yourself to at Cardiff Animation Festival, then Pick n Mix is just for you! These 10 films will offer you a little bit of everything to satisfy that cinematic craving.

The melting pot of themes, genres, and stories in this program blend together perfectly to create a real taster of some of the best shorts playing at the festival. There are films about the daily lives of medieval knights, fantastical journeys of men and beasts, mischievous kids running free, and a short about kicking it back and relaxing on the beach. Whatever you decide, there is definitely a story for everyone in this eclectic batch of films.

  • Summer 96 - Dir. Mathilde Bédouet, France, 12:13

  • Made For Duty Overseas - Dir. Kate King, UK, 04:37

  • It’s Just A Whole - Dir. Bianca Scali, Germany, 10:37

  • The Wolf Of Custer - Dir. Tanya J Scott, UK, 08:14

  • Quem Salva - Dir. Laure Devin, Maxime Bourstin, Nathan Medam, Charles Hechinger, Titouan Jaouen, France, 06:56

  • Childeric, Choosing Your Battles - Dir. Louise Petit, Emma Guyot DLH, Lou Dhelens, Juliette Laurent, Céline Korno, Lucie Tantot, France, 05:06

  • The Alchemists - Dir. Adrien Dang, Loan Estevez, Mathieu Giazzi, Angèle Legras, Julien Motteau, France, 06:57

  • Kakomando - Dir. Alexandra Bloch, Delaly Guy Corneille Tchocodo, Bertil Toby Svanekiaer, Clémence Collignon, France, 07:22

  • The Winter of 1999 When I Started A Journey - Dir. Jiusi Li, China, 03:24

  • Monsoon Blue - Dir. Jay Hiukit Wong, Ellis Kayin Chan, Hong Kong, 14:19

Content Warning:

Death, violence, nudity, animal cruelty.

Image from film Kakomando