A person dressed in a shrimp costume holds a ticket and is shouting towards a ray of light above it. Still image from the film Dance with the Seashells.


CAF 2024 Shorts 5: Love at First Bite (adv.15+)

  • 1h 18m


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  • Duration 1h 18m

78 mins | Advisory: 15+ | (F rated)

Love at First Bite explores a range of different relationships through 12 delicately curated films. This program isn’t all about romance either; there are films about finding the zest for life, drowning in nostalgia, and the importance of community. Be careful though, as these shorts are bound to become your new obsession.

  • Aube - Dir. Vincent Gibaud, France, 04:00

  • Wild and Woolly - Dir. Alan Jennings, USA, 05:40

  • Wait - Dir. Jenny Wright, UK, 02:00

  • Love★star - Dir. Tzu Ting Lee, Japan, 07:12

  • Howl If You Love Me - Dir. John R. Dilworth, USA, 07:47

  • Wish - Dir. Sunyoung Park, Republic of Korea, 03:25

  • Maurice’s Bar - Dir. Tzor Edery, Tom Prezman, France, 15:00

  • Appetite - Dir. Peiying Wang, UK, 04:00

  • Freshwater Bees - Dir. Emma Kanouté, Belgium, 08:35

  • Minus Plus Multiply - Dir. Chu-Chieh Lee, UK, 04:10

  • Dance With Seashells - Dir. Théo Carme, Julie Fournier, Anaëlle Saba, Alessandra Rosmarino, Jérémy Ben Ammar, France, 07:53

  • The Queen Of The Foxes - Dir. Marina Rosset, Switzerland, 08:50

Content Warning:

Nudity, violence, homophobia, grief.

Image from short film Dance with the Seashells