A fallen box of cake lays on the floor, alongside a knife and someones strappy shoes. The cake has white icing and fruit on top, and has fallen out of the box and onto the floor.


CAF 2024 Shorts 6: Eat Your Words (adv.15+)

  • 1h 9m


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  • Duration 1h 9m

69mins | Advisory: 15+ | (F rated)

Have you ever taken a bite out of something and it left you, well, speechless? This program will leave you at a loss for words as you escape into some of our favourite non-dialogue shorts at the festival.

Eat Your Words highlights 11 mouth-watering films from all over the world; you’ll find peace with woodland creatures, escape into gardens and vast oceans, survive typhoons and avalanches, and rally together with friends and family in courageous tales of overcoming prejudice and freak accidents. There will be heaps of delicious shorts to enjoy.

  • Odd One Out - Dir. Micky Wozny, UK, 03:26

  • Meet Again (JAEHOE)- Dir. Ap-sol Kang, Republic of Korea, 05:04

  • Canary - Dir. Pierre-Hugues Dallaire, Benoit Therriault, Canada, 12:03

  • Devotions - Dir. Jessica Goh, Singapore, 05:56

  • In My Garden - Dir. Qianhui Yu, UK, 00:28

  • Sit Down, Don’t Touch Anything - Dir. Frederic Siegel, Switzerland, 05:20

  • Whale Fall - Dir. Bronte Higgs, UK, 05:22

  • La Bride (The Dog’s Leash) - Dir. Nicolas Piret, Belgium, 03:48

  • Ice Merchants - Dir. João Gonzalez, Portugal, 14:00

  • The Creators - Dir, Madeleine Homan, UK, 04:31

  • Shackle - Dir. Ainslie Henderson, UK, 09:54

Content Warning:

Nudity, pregnancy, death.

Image from short film Meet Again (Jaehoe)