A blue animated chef wearing a white chef hat pours red wine into a wine glass, working in a kitchen.


CAF 2024 Shorts 7: Midnight Feast (18+)

  • 1h 15m


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  • Duration 1h 15m

75mins | Advisory: 18+ | (F rated)

Do you enjoy being put outside of your comfort zone? Perhaps you’re that one person who isn’t afraid to try new things? This program presents 9 films that are guaranteed to take you down a darker and more abstract route at the festival. Get ready to dive into the mad and macabre with shorts about late night paranoia, ghosts and gruesome makeovers, to even sacrificial lambs. Prepare for an evening of films you’ll never forget, and bring all your most devilish snacks, as eating after midnight is highly encouraged here.

  • Nightpay - Dir. Rachel Fitzgerald, Ireland, 03:50

  • Making It Up - Dir. Alice May Guymer, UK, 05:46

  • A Kind Of Testament - Dir. Stephen Vuillemin, France, 16:24

  • Beware of Trains - Dir. Emma Calder, UK,12:47

  • Introspect - Dir. Heather Elizabeth Finden, UK, 03:52

  • Chef Gustav - Dir. Luke Frangeskou, UK, 02:56

  • Via Dolorosa - Dir. Rachel Gutgarts, France, 12:00

  • Offerlamm - Dir. Tova Persson, UK, 05:44

  • Wander To Wonder - Dir. Nina Gantz, Belgium, 13:20

Content Warning:

Flashing imagery, pregnancy, violence, nudity, death, animal death, bloody imagery, sex.

Image from Chef Gustav

9 short films that are guaranteed to take you down a darker and more abstract route!