The main entrance of Chapter in the distance, with some plants in the foreground.


Carry on Screaming: Rosalie (15)

  • 1h 55m


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  • Duration 1h 55m
  • Type Film

Please note: No baby, no entry!

Our Carry On Screaming films are every Friday morning. They allow parents or carers with a child under one to see a film without having to worry about causing a disturbance, and with adjustments to the cinema environment to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible. It’s free entry for babies, but please be aware: no baby, no entry.

Further screenings are available for those without babies. See below for related screenings and events.

France | 2023 | 115’ | 15 | Stéphanie Di Giusto | French with English subtitles | Nadia Tereszkiewicz, Benoît Magimel

In the 1870s, Rosalie is a young woman hiding a secret: she was born with a face and body covered in hair. She's concealed her peculiarity all her life, shaving to fit in and stay safe. Until Abel, an indebted bar owner unaware of her secret, marries her for her dowry. Once he finds out the truth, will Abel be able to love Rosalie and see her as the woman she is? A fascinating study of gender norms and practical life in small town France.

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With free entry for babies, a relaxed environment and no worries about causing a disturbance, Carry On Screaming films are for parents and guardians with babies under twelve months.

Please note: No baby, no entry!


The main entrance of Chapter in the distance, with some plants in the foreground.

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