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Chuck Chuck Baby (15)

  • 1h 41m

£7 - £9


  • Duration 1h 41m
  • Type Film

Wales | 2023 | 101’ | 15 | Janis Pugh | Louise Brealey, Celyn Jones, Sorcha Cusack, Annabel Scholey

Helen lives with her ex-husband, his 20-year-old girlfriend, their new baby - and his dying mother Gwen. Her life is a grind, and like all the other women she toils with at the local chicken factory, is spent in service of the clock. She lives only for laughing with her friends at work, caring for Gwen, and music. When Joanne, the girl she secretly loved at school, comes back to town, Helen's world is turned upside down.

+ Q&A with Janis Pugh on Friday 19 July, 6pm.

Helen’s life in the factory is upended by the return of an old friend.

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