The main entrance of Chapter in the distance, with some plants in the foreground.


CAF 2024: Flip your Lid! Blow your Stack! A Rubber Hose Character Design Workshop with Tina Nawrocki

  • 3h 0m


Coming soon


  • Duration 3h 0m

180 min

Tina Nawrocki, 2d Animator and Concept Artist for Baroness Von Bon Bon and a multitude of Cuphead's other bad-ass enemies, will share behind the scenes details and shed light on the basic design features of a "Rubber hose" style character. In this workshop, Tina will guide participants in creating their own Cuphead-esque boss.

During the 3hrs creative skills development workshop, participants will design a new Cuphead-themed boss, polish their designs, set them up for a 2d animated idle cycle and learn about 1930-era context of the Cuphead world.