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We invite you to experience a special buffet Iftar during Ramadan where you can listen, learn, and break fast with the local Muslim community. No matter what background, faith, or no faith, everyone is welcome to experience this special part of a Muslim’s day during Ramadan.

This Iftar is organised in conjunction with Now In A Minute Media, where we will listen to a line up of local Welsh Muslim poets and speakers on the virtues of Ramadan.


Now sold out - please contact us if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

An Iftar is a special celebration throughout Ramadan, and our event will be complete with a fantastic lineup of speakers, poets and artists.

To ensure that everyone feels welcome at Chapter, for this day, 12-close, we will not be serving alcohol, nor permitting it to be brought into the venue, but instead will serve an exciting range of juices and mocktails, perfect for all visitors.


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