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Mutiny in Heaven: The Birthday Party (adv.15)

  • 1h 38m


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  • Duration 1h 38m

Australia | 2023 | 98’ | adv15 | Ian White

The Birthday Party was one of the definitive and pioneering post-punk groups: creative and destructive in equal measure. Their confrontational live performances were the stuff of violent, outlaw gothic horror and anarchic legend. This documentary dives into the story of how Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Phill Calvert went from pals in Catholic school to electrifying sweaty stages all around the world. Told with rare and unseen footage, original artwork and unreleased tracks, the film gives us a front-row seat to the artistic genius and total chaos of one of the greatest live bands.

A look at the creative and destructive genius of the Australian post-punk pioneers.